Planning Center – Blog Update

Good news, Jeff Berg has updated the Ministry Centered Technologies blog to document in his own words about the lates features added to the Planning Center Online.  Check it out here.

Just to recap, the updates included:

  • My Calendar – Gives you the ability to see exactly which services you are scheduled for as well as the ability to set your own “black out” dates for when you cannot serve.
  • Ministry Groups – We now have our services organized into 3 ministry groups (Corporate Worship, Student Ministries, and Other Events).
  • Plan Templates – We can now create new service plans from a template rather then copying a previous service. This will help to eliminate the mistake of copying volunteer scheduling when the new plan is created.
  • Chord Chart Transposing – Chord charts for songs can be added and the keys even changed on the fly.
  • E-mail People – We can now send e-mails to groups of people from within the PCO. They can be people scheulded for a service, or grouping based on other characteristics (like guitarists).
  • Item Attachements – Now in addition to making adding attachments for a whole plan, we can add attachements to individual items.  Think about the sermon message, announcement slides, or other special items!

Let me know if you have any questions about them or check our the online video tuturials that have been posted.