Planning Center Online

1 Corinthians 14:40 says that everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way. Starting with this Sunday, November 5, we have a new tool for managing and communicating our worship service plans.  You will find it here.  Everyone involved with the Worship & Music ministry (media & sound teams, musicians, singers, ushers, etc) will all have access to the sight.  Login with your email address and the default password “worship” (you can change it after you login). If you can’t get in, send me or Sam an email and we will make sure you are set up properly.

Be sure to check out the features and the online demo / tutorials.  Everyone will be seeing more of this site in the coming weeks for sure!

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This site will allow the volunteers to be scheduled to the various services and to receive notiification of that assignment via an email.  That email will also have easy to use links that you can accept or decline your assignment.  You will also be able to view the service.  Within the plan, you can see all of the elments of the service include notes and attachements (including sheet music, MP3s, and SundayPlus files).

If you have any questions let Sam or I know. We really believe this will help us be more organized with our worship planning and execution and to communicate better and keep everyone on the same page. In so doing, we strive for excellence in our service to the Lord on Sundays. The better job we do, the better we are able to create an environment that is inviting and drawing people to worship our Creator and King!