Small Effort – Big Help

Okay guys, here is your chance to do something very small and help in a big wayTerry Foester is doing a creative little experiment to help a local homeless man named Herman. He is trying to raise some funds (for which he has a matching donor), but here is the trick… for it to work this has to be virally because you can only give $1.  Yep – a buck.  You might be inclined to dismiss it or write it off, but if he can get 500 people to give a buck, the donor will match it, dollar for dollar, for a total of $1,000

Now, he isn’t going to give Herman the cash.  He knows Herman well and will be using the money to help Herman in a more significant way. Read Terry’s post for details but here the deal:

  1. Comment here on his blog.
  2. Leave your first name and your city/state, or if you’re scared just leave your “street name” – and tell us “I’m in.”
  3. Follow through by sending $1 to:

Herman’s Bridge
PO Box 363
Montchanin, DE 19710-0363

Tell your friends before June to help make this idea fly and help spread the love of Christ in a viral way!

I’m in – how about you?