Social Media Signature in Gmail

I am really liking the Google Chrome browser. It is fast, light-weight and maximizes your viewing area nicely.  Like Mozilla Firefox, it is also customizable (at least with the beta version for the pc).  There is a growing list of extensions available and I’ll probably do another post about which ones I like and use the most, but I wanted to highlight one of them today, thanks to a post by John AntoniosAutopen.  

Autopen extension for Chrome gives you something that is not possible in native gmail – a signature that is more than just plain text. You can specify font, color, and include links.  As John pointed out, you can also include social media icons with links! It has a rich text editor so you really don’t have to know html (but it can help). Not only does it work beautifully, you can even set up more than 1 and simply pick the one you want if the default one isn’t appropriate for that particular email.  

Simple but powerful – two traits I love!   What do you think? My Autopen created signature is below:

Greg Davis

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