Spiderman 3 – Bible Study?

Is your Spidy sense tingling? It should be!  SermonSpice has made available free movie clips, sermon illustrators, and even a Bible study guide to coincide with this week’s public release of Spider Man 3.  You can find the resources right here.   I find this very encouraging to see how the church can speak in a relevant manner along side what is happening in our culture.

I am sure some would argue that using this material would be for the church to endorse the movie. And a Hollywood endorsement is something most Christians want to avoid. However, what if we took the stand that didn’t care about Hollywood endorsements and simply wanted to reach people for the sake of Christ? What if we cared more about illustrating the teachings of Jesus than about what other people and other churches thought about our approach?

I believe secular media can be redeemed and used for the glory of God as much as “Christian” films. We just may need a little thick skin and a passion to reach and teach.

Go ahead and review the materials – see what you think. The next time a discussion is taking place at the office, backyard, school, or wherever about the new movie – you might be better prepared to reach someone with the Gospel!