The Need for Analog Living

In our ever increasing digital world which is rich in content delivered in many forms including the television, mobile devices (not just cell phones), computers, mp3 players, and more, it is easy to become very attached to ‘digital living’. So attached in fact, that we forget how to live without them.


I don’t believe there is anything inherintly wrong with modern technology, but like many things in life, too much of it can be a bad thing. It can become difficult to pull away from these devices and the digital nature of our lives today. We can easily fall into the trap of needing to always be “connected”.  I don’t believe the trend in technology will be changing anytime soon – it will become more and more pervasive in our daily lives.  I also don’t believe we should shun it either. Our culture is going to be faced with the ever changing face of the technology frontier probably until Christ returns. Our challenge will be to learn how to keep technology the servant and not the master of our lives. To be a part of it and understand it so that we can use it to help the Church be effective and relevant.

As part of that “training”, it is important to have regular time where you pull back, unplug and allow yourself to live the ‘analog life’ again.  I really appreciated the “Living Analog” episode that Matt & Rob did on the “Geeks & God Podcast” a few weeks ago.  The irony of it all… we actually need to unplug on a regular basis in order to get more done. It spurs creativity, productivity, relationships, clears our minds and gives us time to spend with God.

Don’t become a ‘Dilbert’.  Stay in touch with your ‘analog-self’ and you’ll be glad you did!