Twitter for Churches

Anthony Coppedge has published a new e-book called, The Reason YOUR CHURCH Must Twitter.  If you are a church or ministry leader in any form this is a MUST read.  At a very affordable $5, there is no reason not to.

It doesn’t matter if your church is brand new to the concept of social networking or has been involved with it for years already, there is value to be had by reading this publication.

In our growing digital culture, the patience that people have for email spam continues to wane. Too often churches have resorted in using their membership lists and church management systems (ChMS) to blast emails to everyone they have records on. This method can be both annoying to the recipient and not very effective to the church. The problem with email blasts is the receiver is not in control and as a result is forced to deal with stuff that the sender thinks they should know about instead of the things that they want to know about (the definition of SPAM).

 More than likely you have at least heard of Twitter. You may even have some friends who have tried to get you to start using it yourself. Even if you are an experienced Twitter user, you will want to get a copy of this e-book and start thinking strategically about how your church or ministry does its communications.

If you are unsure about getting involved, please don’t be. Your church or ministry needs to understand the culture of today and to be able to take advantage of the free or low cost tools that are readily available. Don’t let new ideas and tools for communication scare you. Twitter is especially easy, effective, and affordable (free). Get involved and encourage your ministry volunteers and church attenders to be part of the conversation!

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