Upcoming Tech Conferences

There are a couple of ministry related technical conferences I have recently learned about that I thought I share with everyone.

The first one is the Web 2.0 Conference sponsored by Geeks & God.

It will be held July 17-19 in Michigan.  It looks to be a good overview of web 2.0 stuff including blogging and podcasting and buidling community in your church with interactive websites. The optional 3rd day looks interesting as it is a hands on exercise in building and interactive website for you church using Drupal.  Check out their website for more details including the conference schedule.

Let’s just say you’re a pastor or ministry leader. Or,maybe you’re a Christian geek that wants to help your church…you’veheard the terms: web 2.0, rss, podcasting, or blogging but you reallydon’t know what they are or what they have to do with building churchcommunity or spreading the gospel. We’re here to show you.

You can also read more in this post over at the Innovating Tomorrow blog.


The second one is Ministry Tech and will be held in Oklahoma City on April 3-4.

It looks to be a good one with fantastic presenters including Tony Morgan, Terry Storch, Paul Braoudakis, Anthony Coppedge and others. You can check out their website for more details including the list of workshops.

MinistryTECH is a new national conferencededicated to church information technology, audio-visual, andproduction professionals. Come join some of the leading church ITprofessionals to learn how they are using technology in theirministries.

I am seriously considering going to this one.  Anyone interested in going to either one?

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