Upgrades to Backpack

has released a new version of Backpack with some very good upgrades.  Here is a summary of what’s new:

  • Move anything anywhere on a page
  • Move stuff to other pages
  • Search!
  • Page dividers
  • New toolbar
  • Multiple photo galleries per page
  • Better titles for lists, notes, and pictures
  • Page feeds for shared pages (yea – RSS!)
  • More (under the hood stuff)

Go here for more details on what’s new  (including video clip demos).

If you have not explored Backpack yet for geting organized with life you might want to.  It can help with personal stuff as well as professional and ministry use.  Think about the various ministry teams and the ability to centralize and organize your information in one place for group use!  Take a tour or see some examples of Backpack in use.  It is surprisingly easy to use and navigate with.