Wasabi Gospel

Washa what?  That was my reaction when I first heard the title of Shawn Wood’s latest book which is having it’s “Book Bomb” release on Amazon.com today

Having read through the introduction as well as the first chapter and the first couple segments of “Laura’s Story” which is told in a first person account in between the chapters Shawn writes, I can truly say “wow”!  Shawn writes with a style that not only is very conversational and easy to read, but also very compelling and hard to put down.

Like the response you get to the little green very spicy mustard that the book named after, Shawn relates his reaction to a small, but very powerful verse in the Bible which hit him in a way he would not forget!  I won’t spoil it by telling you which verse that is or why, but I will encourage you to check out more about the book at: www.wasabigospel.com and to pick up a copy and see for yourself.

Have you ever looked at the words of Jesus in a fresh way that just took your breath away?  You may have read them many times before but this time a new meaning just jumped off the pages at you and left you breathless. That is the experience Shawn describes.  That is the type of life-altering experience that leads to life change and a life that is fueled with passion and hope.  If you are like me, after a little taste, you’ll be left wanting more!

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