WGC: Yawning Angles

I am currently reading Mark Batterson’s latest book, Wild Goose Chase. I really enjoyed his first one, In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day, and have been looking forward to the sequel.  So far, it has not disappointed.

To help me remember some of the most powerful parts, I thought I’d document my review of each chapter here on this blog.  So here are my take aways from the first chapter – Yawning Angles (just let that image sink in your brain first).


  • The promptings of the Holy Spirit can seem pretty pointless, but…. He will take you places you could have never have imagined
  • Intellectual analysis usually results in spiritual paralysis.
  • The will of God is neither logical nor linear – it is downright confusing and complicated.
  • Circumstantial uncertainity = adventure
  • Nothing is more unnerving or disorienting than passionately pursuing God.
  • The deepest longings in the human heart – the longing for adventure.
  • Too often we suffer from inverted Christianity (where we inivite the Holy Spirit to follow us).
  • “I wonder if churches do to people what zoos do to animals.”  Caged Christains.  (Wow… I love that thought!)
  • Jesus didn’t die on the cross to keep us safe. Jesus died to make us dangerous!
  • Maybe it’s time to come out of the cage and live dangerously for the cause of Christ.
  • Boredom is the root of all evil.  (interesting thought!)
  • Many, if not most, Christians are bored with their faith.
  • Coming out of the cage means giving up the very thing in which we find our security and identity outside of Christ.
  • Just like the rich young ruler, we have a choice to make. We can stay in the cage (and end up with nothing) or we can come out and chase the Wild Goose.

I’m looking forward to the next chapters where he talks about the 6 cages that prevent us from chasing the Wild Goose.

  1. The cage of responsibility
  2. The cage of routine
  3. The cage of assumptions
  4. The cage of guilt
  5. The cage of failure
  6. The cage of fear