Your Ministry on TV – Not So Crazy

One of the reasons we want to keep an eye on technology trends is to understand when there is an opportunity to take advantage of that can serve the church in reaching people for Christ.  Bobby Gruenewald, from, posted this perspective on the on the new Apple TV.  While it can be brushed off as a ‘fad’ or ‘entertainment’ only, I think we would do well to reconsider that. 

With the trends of YouTube and other social media content watching still on rise, why shouldn’t the church be taking advantage of it? With this easy of use from Apple TV, you don’t even need a computer to watch content from the internet.  As Bobby points out, think about your shut-ins, house churches, etc. who could benefit if your ministry (think broadly) were readily available to them? 

And Apple isn’t the only one. TiVo has also announced a new release of their TiVo Desktop software which will allow you to subscribe to any video podcast feed and transfer to your TiVo for watching on your TV. While this one does require a home computer, the concept is the same – more availability to watch internet-based content right in your living room – no more requirements to sit in front of the computer to watch it.

As a church, our job is to preach the gospel and reach the next generation for Christ. So, recruit some young volunteers and get them involved. Start video recording your messages and get them out there and tell people where to find them.  You never know who might be impacted!

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