12 Keys to Authentic Leadership – Brad Lomenick

I found Brad’s post to be very compelling.  He highlighted 12 points that are important for leaders if they are going to be authentic in how they lead.  In a digital age authenticity is something that easily is lost. I believe the world needs more authentic leaders, ones that are true to themselves and those they are leading.

Here is a summary of his points, but check out the post, 12 Keys to Authentic Leadership, for full commentary.

  1. Be real in all mediums (forms of communication)
  2. Constantly turn the rocks over.
  3. The more successful you become, the less accessible you are.
  4. Learn to open up.
  5. Ask great questions.
  6. Invite direct reports to do 360 degree review
  7. Accept a better standard
  8. Be interested over interesting
  9. Be accountable to those who know you best
  10. Authentic leaders make more of those around them, less about themselves
  11. Actively build a support network
  12. Be who you are.

Most all of these are hard to do consistently, but it in a society and culture where authenticity seems to be a dying characteristic, it is important to keep in front of us and moving in this direction.  If we are not deliberate about it, the pressure to always have the right answer, look important, and show no weaknesses will set us up for sure failure.