Backstage with Brad Lomenick

On Thursday we had the chance to hear from Brad Lomenick as part of the Backstage Leadership Program. Brad works behind the scenes to organize and lead Catalyst (officially he is the Executive Director). 

It is quite a privilege to get to ask Brad questions directly about his approach to leadership and life.  I was very impressed with his candor and genuine interest in answer questions from the group.  He has a real heart for developing others and it showed in the time he invested with us.  We got to learn about what motivates him as well as some things that he his thinking and working on for the future of Catalyst.  I found his response to my question about how they determine conference speakers very interesting.  I was also impressed to learn just how much time and effort Brad puts into learning from others and networking outside of his immediate organization.  A characteristic that has been found in all of the leaders we have spoken to has been that never-ending desire to learn – something I am both encouraged and challenged by. 

I highly recommend Backstage Leadership and encourage you to check it out.  Applications are now being taken for the Spring semester.

A special thanks to Greg Darley for his dedication to this program!

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  1. thanks Greg for your kind words. I am thrilled that Backstage has been beneficial to you. Keep up the great work. I’m liking the blog work you’ve done.

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