Migrating to a New ChMS

A few months ago, I did an evaluation and selection process to help Fellowship find the right Church Management System (ChMS).  There a number of choices these days as the industry has grown and matured over the past decade but we eventually selected Church Community Builder (CCB for short).

I first came across CCB while at Ministry Tech conference last Spring and I have been impressed with not only the easy of use of the system features but also the attitude and helpfulness of those I’ve talked to in their organization.  What is a ChMS and what will CCB do for Fellowship you ask?  Good question!


Basically, CCB will help us in our vision of Redefining Church through Relationships as it helps to simply many of the administrative tasks of running a church but more importantly with many of the features geared toward promoting the relationships not only between staff and the church body, but across the church itself.  I plan to do several more posts that go into more detail about CCB and what you can expect to see in the coming months, but for now feel free to have a look at the feature list yourself.  Note: there are 3 tabs on that link to check out (church mgmt, community, website integration).


We are currently in the process of collecting the data we have from a number of different sources including our Fellowship One database as well as 3 other databases in Youth Tracker.  The process is rather tedious and time consuming but will be worth it once completed.  There are many duplications to be removed and cross-checking to be done.  We will also be asking everyone in the church to validate their data and profiles in a few months.


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