New Year’s Resolution – Post a Day

I recently heard about a challenge from WordPress to get bloggers writing and posting more in 2011.  Mashable & CNN even did write-ups about the challenge.

Over the New Year holiday, WordPress issued a challenge to its blogger-users: Write and publish one post a day (or a week) throughout 2011.

For non-professional and personal bloggers, writing and posting every day can be a tall order, so the good folks at WordPress have launched The Daily Post, a guide with daily tidbits of “inspiration, encouragement and advice about blogging.”

I have decided to take on that challenge and so this is the first post in what hopefully will be a string of daily posts for 2011.  It won’t be easy, but I know it is something I want to more.  You can expect shorter posts and a larger variety but most will still center around the themes of technology, leadership and my life.

If you read this blog I hope you’ll engage, connect and encourage me along the way! Just look for the “Comments” link under each post title.