not a fan.

fan: an enthusiastic admirer.

  • Are there moments in your life where you feel like you are just blending in?
  • Are you just part of the audience?
  • Are there times when you wish you could really engage in your life?
  • Maybe you want to really take a stand for something.
  • Maybe what you really need is to be a follower and not a fan.
  • Maybe it’s time to do something.
Show the world that you are a follower and not a fan. In the Gospels Jesus never seemed too interested in fans.  He was looking for followers. Not just any follower though…

completely. committed. follower.

The Fellowship Men’s LifeGroup (Men of ICE) will be launching a new 6-part study this coming Saturday: not a fan. (See the trailer clip here.)


Join us at 7:30am at the Bethel Road Campus for free breakfast and the video study. You will be challenged!