Tech Tools Help with Pastor Search – Part 3

In the last of this 3 part series I want to share the main tool we used to actually conduct our live interviews. If you missed it, I previously shared in Part 1 about the critical online collaboration tools our team needed to stay organized in our communications and resume evaluations. In Part 2 I shared the tools we used to efficiently find times to conduct interviews.

We would use these methods to review and filter down to a handful of candidates that seemed to be a possible match and we where interested in talking with. Once we had our meeting time, we would ask the candidates to use a web cam, so that we could conduct our initial interviews online with video.  We used TokBox as our tool for the video interview.

TokBox was very easy and FREE to use!  We found that being able to conduct initial interviews this way to be so much more helpful as we had visual non-verbal communication which goes so much further than a regular phone interview.  So often you get a better feel for someone when you can see them, not just hear them.  Being able to do so online for free also saved us much travel expense that would have been required without this technology.

We choose ToxBox over others like Skype because there was nothing to install – it is completely web-based and the ability to have a group discussion was so easy to set up.

So this is how we used technology at Fellowship to help us stay organized and efficient in our pastor search and to ultimately find the man God had for us – Eric Koehler.  I am looking forward to 2010 and how God will use him and his leadership at FC.

Has anyone else found a practical use for technology in a project or team activity? I would love to hear about it!


  1. Hey Greg, just wanted to give you a word of encouragement about these tools. I forwarded on your 3 posts to our pastoral search committee and the have found them to be very helpful, and are in fact using several of our tools as we look to fill our Sr. Minister position. Thanks!

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