Toxic Relationships

We started a new series at Fellowship today. Here are my notes from Eric’s message (which you can listen to here)

Toxic Relationships

Sometimes it’s the things we can’t see that hurt us the most.

Relationships effect everyone regardless of age, gender, race or personality type.
– Most of us will be involved in at least one toxic relationship in our life time.

Big Idea: Skillful living will help overcome toxic relationships in your life.

Relationship Truths:
1. The people around you will determine how far you go and who you influence along the way.
2. Relationships are hard.
3. We are all probably toxic at times.
4. Relationships are worth the fight.

[youversion]3 John 1:9-10[/youversion]  Example of toxic relationship from Bible

What does a toxic relationship look like?
– Someone is shouting “me first!” (verse 9)
– Communication is vicious or gone (verse 10)
– Deep hurt is standard. (verse 10)

Poison Control: (choices we make)
1. Attach yourself to solid values.
– Do you know what they are?
– What do want to be remembered for?
– What are the 4-6 words that describe who you want to be?
2. Get perspective.
– Remember the boom a rang effect
3. Set boundaries.
– You can’t just ignore people. You must deal with and confront when necessary.
– But there lines that cannot be crossed. Recognize and respect them.

Verse 11 – don’t let this bad example influence you. Follow only what is good.