Toxic Religion

Gus did a great job yesterday talking on the subject of “Toxic Religion“. ¬†Below are the notes I took from his message.

Toxic Religion – Gus Sareyka

Toxic religion eats away at our spiritual lives.

How do we know when our behavior is toxic?
– There are over 1000 organized religions in the U.S.

Definition: a practice, behavior or activity that tries to EARN God’s love.

What motivates or drives us to do what we do?
– Why did you come to church today?

Selfless living eliminates trying to earn God’s love.

[youversion]Galatians 3:1-2[/youversion] Paul reminds them of what their religion is supposed to be like.
– Christ’s love (and responding to it) should be our motivation.
– Nothing we can do will earn us God’s love.

The rest of our lives & the culture we live in teaches us to earn things. We must not approach our spiritual lives this way.

We often get too obsessed that we are not doing enough for God or we get complacent and point out all that we have already done.

[youversion]Galatians 3:4-5[/youversion]

Toxic religion eats away at our relationships with others.
– We become critical, judgmental, and condescending to others.

[youversion]Galatins 5:14-15[/youversion]

Take Aways (poison control):

1. Be Thankful & appreciative (what God has done)
2. Have a Teachable Spirit (open mind)
3. Be Obedient
4. Put Others First