Toxic Thoughts

Here are my notes from Sunday’s message at Fellowship. Powerful message from Lee White, Elder & Men’s Life Group Leader

Toxic Thoughts – Lee White

It’s the THOUGHT that counts!
– [youversion]Romans 7:15[/youversion]
– [youversion]Proverbs 4:23[/youversion]

The Big Idea: Identify & reject toxic thoughts and replace them with God’s truth.

Five type of negative thoughts:
1. Negative – Will attack you directly in the place where you are called to serve!
2. Fearful – What’s going to happen if…
3. Sinful – Lust, envy, gossip
4. Critical – Judgemental
5. Discontented – I want better house, clothes, kids, spouse

Toxic thoughts have toxic actions!

[youversion]Genesis 25:29-34[/youversion] Esau sells his birthright to Jacob for some stew.
[youversion]Matthew 1:1-2[/youversion] – The impact of trading his birthright because he was hungry.

This is a powerful story… think about what Esau gave up for a very temporary gain. If we don’t learn to treat our toxic thoughts we will make the same tragic mistakes in life.

Poison Control:
1. Identify toxic thoughts
2. Reject toxic thoughts [youversion]2 Corinthians 10:4-5[/youversion]
3. Replace toxic thoughts with God’s truth. [youversion]Philippians 4:8[/youversion]