Tweaking Does Not Create Momentum

In this month’s episode of the Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast, Andy talks about how things that are new will most often lead to sustaining or building momentum in an organization.  However “new” isn’t easy and it isn’t cheap.  Our tendency is often to settle for the cheaper and the easier – just tweaking things and making minor improvements, but these never generate momentum nor cause much impact.

New leadership, programs, or directions will cause disruptions.  New requires learning. New requires never being satisfied with the status-quo.  Good enough is never okay.

While Andy is talking about organizations, I think this is also why people get excited about technology and gadgets.  While people like to complain about the constant change that is always happening in the industry, it is also why there are such fans. New is what has made the most innovative people and companies successful. Just look at Apple.  How many thousands of people wait in lines for the next new shiny iThing that comes out every year.

Organizations with momentum can get much accomplished and go further in reaching their goals.  Does your organization have it?  Have you ever been a part of one that did?  What excited you about being part of it?

Listen here or check out the podcast page.