Why Blog?

Blog Thoughts

As 2013 comes to an end it provides an opportunity to think about the year that has past and look forward to the year to come.  I am not a big “New Year’s Resolutions” kind of guy but something I will be trying to do more of in 2014 is to write (blog) more often.

I have struggled at times to “find my voice” and to have a topic or theme to write about. I came across this tweet today that expresses the hesitation I have struggled with and an excellent response by Chris Lema, who is a man of inspiration in the blogging world.


His follow up thought on the subject is equally as excellent:

So perfect timing as the end of 2013 is here and a new opportunity for new beginnings in 2014 has arrived. I’m sure it won’t be very pretty or even cohesive for a while, but I look forward to practicing the skill of writing, storytelling and communication because they are important.