App For Financial Doubts

Here are my notes from today’s message at Fellowship.

If You Ever Doubted You Are Going to Make it Financially, There’s an App for That!

Jesus spoke more about money then anything else?

– Do I treat God as CEO or just financial consultant?
– Do I act as if I own and run the store or God?

Lev 25:23 – the land belongs to God

Money Principles:
1. Everything belongs to God
2. God expects us to manage what he has given to us well.

So how to we gain momentum financially if it isn’t about getting more?
– Jesus taught that the key was to gain freedom, by giving back to God. (God’s Pie video)

Greg Teal interview
* 25% of marriages fail due to $ problems. Not because there isn’t enough but because there isn’t common money goals.
– Budgets are the best tools to help align money goals.
– Budgets are not a dirty word but simply and agreed to plan on spending. They must be realistic and not just want you want.

Gaining momentum means partnering with God – tithe. (Matthew 23:23)
– The paradox is that we gain by doing with less.

Tithing Thoughts:
1. Frees us from addiction to stuff.
2. Frees us to give with purpose.
3. Frees us to invest in things that matter eternally.

Take Home Apps:
1. Re-evaluate and get focused.
2. Challenge yourself to generous giving.
– Try holding everything in open hands and watch what God will do.
– Don’t let fear eat away your generosity.

Challenge: Try generous giving for the next 60 days and watch what happens.

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