Digital Disciples

Yesterday, I was honored to be featured on the Digital Disciples web site.  An online friend, Gabe Taviano, had an idea and a passion about helping network together people who have skills and interest in technology and who want to use those to serve God. The hope is that people will find out about each other and then be able to have monthly meetings where they can share ideas, ask questions, do training but also have Bible study, fellowship and pray for each other.

If you are in the Wilmington, Delaware or Philadelphia area and would be interested in such a get together let me know!  I would very much enjoy getting to meet you and seeing what God might do.


  1. Awesome post Greg! Was great putting the spotlight on you yesterday. Looking forward to getting a group started in Philly soon. Weekly chats are coming in the next 1-2 weeks, where we can start discussing details. Have a great weekend!

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