In Case You Missed It – May 29

Here are some interesting things I have stumbled upon over the past week.  Enjoy!

  • Michael Hyatt answers a great leadership question – How can you keep inspiration alive in your team or organization?  Clue – it doesn’t involve creating more rules or policies!
  • Should Jesus be thought of as a product? The knee-jerk reaction might be worth a little more examination. CMS challenges with this question and why we need to think about it.
  • Speaking of challenging conventional thinking, Tim Stevens poses a very thought provoking idea in his post on how churches have a statistical problem.  The coming decade is going to require some different thinking and for some churches to take some risks to try some new methods.
  • Do you realize that your office chair may be killing you? This could explain a lot!
  • Facebook has been under a great deal of heat and pressure about their privacy controls. This week they made another change to try to simplify it for everyone.  What do you think? Any better? [Here is the complete update from Facebook]
  • You can now measure how much your Facebook Page is worth with the Social Page Evaluator.  Looks like a great idea, but lacking in some specifics.
  • One of the great challenges with new technology and gadgets is what do we do with all of the old stuff?  Apple has an excellent marketing and environmental idea – ship them your old stuff for free and they will give you credit to the Apple Store or Gift Card.  Even if there is no monetary value to your old computer (mac or pc) or other devices (ipods, mobile phones, etc) they will still dispose of it in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • iPhone users – you can now access your desktop Firefox bookmarks right from your phone.
  • This post by Ron Edmondson about the differences between leading people vs controlling them wasn’t new, but I just saw it for the first time this past week.  If you are responsible for a group of people in any way, do yourself a favor and read this!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Just saw you linked to my post. Thanks Greg. Hope things are going well for you. It’s interesting, because I just added a new column to my Tweet Deck with a list I follow and your Tweets have been popping up lately! God bless.

  2. Funny how the timing of things works out that way sometimes! Thanks for commenting here and I hope you are doing well also. Love the leadership learnings you share – keep doing so!

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