Like a Good Neighbor

20130301-215719.jpgI have to say it – like the commercial jingle “State Farm is there”. My real life good neighbor, Rob Mullen, (literally across the street from my house) is my State Farm agent. This week I had to have my car towed due to mechanical problems. I called Rob to ask about the State Farm Roadside Assistance program and he not only got back to me quickly and with helpful information, he hand delivered a check to cover the cost of the towing to my house this evening.

It was only a small thing but it does demonstrate excellent service & gives me confidence that if something more significant comes up the jingle will be more than just words but a real promise of service.

Thanks Rob!

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  1. Hi Greg,

    Thanks for the shout-out! It was unexpected and much appreciated! Sorry for the late reply, my FB page is in severe neglect.

    All the best,


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