Staying Focused

The start of a new year is often a great time to get oneself reorganized, set goals and do some planning.  Planning and goal setting are great things to do but it is easy to become discouraged if we don’t achieve or accomplish them.   As a result, many people (I’ve been guilty) give up setting goals (or making them very low) because they feel they won’t achieve them.

Medium to long-range goals are often derailed by a lack of short-term focus to get things done.  Life is full of distractions and competing priorities.  If you try to get everything done at the same time you’ll get nothing done.  If everything is a priority, nothing is.

Instead of giving up or setting the bar too low, I’m looking for tools and methods that will make for a better plan of attack on achieve the goals I set and the immediate tasks I need to accomplish at work, at home, at church and in my own business.  It is definitely a work-in-process and often a challenge to my sanity!  Sometimes I try something, only to find it doesn’t work or only works for a short while.   But I have found the key is not to give up, but to keep trying.

I am currently trying out a few things that I hope to share over the next few weeks.  In the mean time, I’d love to know how do you stay focused?  Do you have any methods, tools or tricks that you have found that work for you?