Whiteboard Sessions


I am really looking forward to the Whiteboard Sessions conference tomorrow (Friday). Making the road trip with Ryan and Jeff tonight which I am also very much looking forward to. The speaker line-up is great and should be a chance to really dig in and have our minds stretched.

I love this concept about the conference which makes it very unique:

Strategy + Ministry

The Whiteboard Sessions is a one-day conference on Friday, May 21, 2010 about ideas in ministry – ideas that will stretch our thinking and shape the church’s future. Seven, influential leaders will have 30 minutes each to present one, compelling idea. This could be a biblical conviction, a proven strategy, a recent epiphany, or even a raw, untested theory.

We’re asking the presenters not to bring a canned presentation, but rather to treat Whiteboard as an extended, senior-level staff meeting. We want them to roll up their sleeves and talk openly and honestly about what works or doesn’t work in their ministries. We believe you will be stretched by their thinking and challenged by their insights.

Can’t wait to share what we learn!

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